Energy Methods in Psychotherapy

Alongside more traditional talking therapy, I offer the possibility of integrating Energy Psychology techniques into psychotherapy practice. My theoretical model of therapy is psychoanalytic, with the central concepts being  the importance of the unconscious mind; the significance of early childhood experience; the use of dreams; and the use of free association in the session, where the client is invited to say whatever comes into his or her mind.  However in addition to the talking which takes place in any therapy session, I make use of what are known as ‘Energy Methods’, designed to heal the ways in which early trauma, distressing memories and unhelpful patterns of relating to oneself and other people have been laid down in the body.  Those practising Energy Methods understand that whilst talking alone can enable life-changes, addressing the psychological difficulties that have been encoded in the body produces more enduring and thorough change.

Energy Methods address two main areas of energy in the body – energy centres (known for many years as chakras in Eastern medicine e.g. Ayurvedic medicine), and energy pathways (known for many years as meridians in Eastern medicine e.g. acupuncture).  These energy centres and pathways are understood to be involved not only in physical health but also in psychological and emotional well-being.  Energy centres and pathways are understood to contain memories and other information that are available for healing through the use of Energy Methods in psychotherapy.



What might I expect in a typical session where Energy Methods are used?

Preliminary exploration

There is always some time at the start of each session for client and therapist to talk together.  Notes are taken to capture the exact words of the client which may be drawn on later to help us formulate a treatment statement.

A period of deeper exploration

At some point, we move to ‘include the body in the conversation’; and make use a simple non-invasive method for testing muscle tone, which enables us to engage the body’s wisdom. Through talking and testing muscle tone we are guided to identify the core issue presenting itself on this particular day.  Muscle testing also enables us to check on the flow in the client’s energy system and to identify and resolve resistances to healing (known as energetic reversals) which may surface as deeper exploration is made.  These resistances/reversals are the everyday ways in which we can resist growth and change, and sabotage ourselves, and resolving them is an important part of every treatment.

The Energy Treatment

Once a core issue has been identified, and energetic reversals resolved, the session proceeds to the treatment itself.  The client is guided to tap or hold various energy centres or points on energy pathways, whilst focusing on certain thoughts, feelings or memories elicited by the core issue.

Session Length

Sessions are longer than the traditional ’50 minute hour’ of psychotherapy; we will generally contract to meet for a session length of an hour and a quarter.  Occasionally contracts may be agreed for sessions that are for an hour and a half or two hours in duration.


I charge £60-75 (dependent on your employment situation) for a 90 minute initial consultation, where we can explore the issues that bring you into therapy, and decide a way forward.

Ongoing session fees range from £60 to £80 for a 75 minute session, depending on your employment situation.