Thought for November

In this season, we find large spaces left where something beautiful once lived. As one by one the leaves let go, a precious emptiness appears on the trees. The naked beauty of the branches can be seen, the birds’ abandoned nests become visible……. This is an important autumn lesson – when certain things fall away, there are other things that can be seen more clearly. Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr

Thought for October 2019

‘Autumn stands as an epiphany to the truth that all things are passing and even in the passing there is beauty…… This is a decaying season, but the rotting ritual that surrounds us has another face.  Compost and mulch are food for the soil. There is life in the dying….. As we face the painful reality that nothing lasts forever, autumn teaches us humility.  We learn to honor the dying.  Everything is moving, flowing on to something new.’ Macrina Wiederkehr and Joyce Rupp